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TITLE: Soul Shocker
ALBUM: The Calibration

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Dizazta Area Music, Inc (DAM) was founded by Steven Busch a.k.a. Dizazta in 1998. DAM was founded by the passion of Dizazta to want to share his music with the world and give something back to the community without compromising integrity or principle. He partnered with Mohamed Macauley to bring fresh insight and inspiration to the world of music. Although a hip hop artist himself, Dizazta refused to have a one dimensional music label. DAM will boast a roster of artists who encompass many musical genres - R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, Gospel and Pop. This variety will allow DAM to touch many lives and move countless feet. The artists currently on the label are:

--Dizazta - hip hop, founder of DAM/ storyteller extraordinaire
--Jackpot - hip hop, a clever, raspy voiced conveyor of street science
--Poetic Punishment - hip hop, the duo of Dizazta and Jackpot
--Looney - hip hop, prolific rhyme flows to make your mind blow
--Dirty Heat – raw and in your face
--Cheeze – bringing the southern sound to the west coast
--V-Love - gospel, from God to him to you
--Lady J - r&b/neo-soul/jazz, the epitome of class and sensual smooth grooves
… and many more to follow.

The first two releases were from Dizazta, himself. “Dizazta Strikes” re-acquainted the public to Dizazta after a brief hiatus to form DAM. This first album featured timeless hits like "Brothers Killing Brothers", "Why?", "Her Wicked Ways", and "Are You Single" featuring V-Love. The sophomore album "The Problem and The Answer" took a philosophical look at the often neglected parts of society while being coupled with the rhythmic pulse of the streets and at the same time offering real solutions. Blazing with hits like “Rage“, “Why Do We Die So Young?“, “Drive Me Wild“, “What If?” and “Checkmate“ “The Problem and The Answer“ album was set to redefine hip hop. Always being a company for innovative ideas “The Problem and The Answer” was slated to be the first QUADRUOPLE album ever but was decidedly broken up into five volumes. "The Problem and The Answer" Vol. I was released in over 2400 stores,,,,, and many other internet distribution sites. Soon to follow will be the release of the label compilation album featuring all of DAM’s artists.

The continued growth and development of new technologies has been used to spearhead many of the decisions and ideas of DAM. With all the success, attention and accolades DAM has received due the unbridled achievements of “The Problem and The Answer” album, by Dizazta. The new site, will feature ring tones, ring-back tones, wallpapers, full length songs and eventually videos, television shows, films and a few other surprises. DAM will continue to always be several steps ahead of the world and it‘s competition.

Dizazta Area Music is one of four companies under the umbrella of Dizazta Area Entertainment, LLC.

The purpose of this album is to deconstruct some of the ill-fated ideas that seem to have permeated the urban landscape. Day of Disaster is antagonistic in certain ways and plays the role of the anti-hero, to hopefully move people to action. The cd consists of 16 (sixteen) songs and videos with a 12 (twelve) page insert with the complete lyrics for all the songs. The cd also allows for a link to the website Four producers helped with the production of this album and four DAM artists are featured on various songs. Samples of the songs, videos and lyrics have been included to assist in describing Day of Disaster by Dizazta.

           Dizazta Strikes
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Download Album (MP3) - $9.99

The Problem and The Answer

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Day of Disaster
The Punishment Channel


The Problem and The Answer
Volume 2

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Download Album (MP3) - $9.99