Steven G.B. a.k.a. Dizazta is an energetic, passion filled force that will reign over hip hop and change the landscape for years to come. He is an artist that goes full-throttle, whether in the recording both or on stage for a live performance. His musical journey began with his birth in Chicago, IL with the sounds of the classic soul singers. His development took place on the streets of Inglewood, CA where his unique story-telling style and gritty voice captured the ears and imagination of all those who heard him. As his voice and bravado grew locally, his already sizeable army of fanatics soon amassed and spilled across the country. The strength, power and passion of his lyrics have had the streets in fervor for years which created the next evolution of Dizazta.

After being signed to a music label and a management deal did not fulfill the expectations that were promised him, Dizazta began his own record company, Dizazta Area Music, Inc (DAM) founded on the principles of providing great music to people while giving back to the community through various types of support. This new company gave Dizazta wings and his determination made him soar. After his partnership with Mohamed Macauley, DAM has been a force to be reckoned with, bringing music, film, television and animation to life from a perspective never before seen.

Dizazta began the procession of hit albums released from his new company with Dizazta Strikes, The Problem and The Answer and most recently Day of Disaster. Dizazta is a complex individual who can beat his chest and scream his own name while, at the same time, tackle some of the most pervasive issues our society has to face. Songs like "Brothers Killing Brothers", "Why" and "All I Hear is Sirens" take snapshots of an urban landscape filled with turmoil, despair and destruction. "Her Wicked Ways", "Drive Me Wild" and "Let Her Go" describe the truths about the complexities of the male/female relationship. This evolutionary process has not stopped.

Teaming up with singer/songwriter Lady J, they have composed two prolific songs, "Tears of Our Nations" and "Losing Time", which address serious social, political, economic and humanitarian issues that the world faces everyday. Along with their partners they strive to not only shine light on these pervasive problems but offer solutions through the many non-profit organizations they support and that support them. These songs, with others soon to follow, exemplify the depth and breadth of this artist named Dizazta.

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